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Good place for hangout in Solo

Hanging out is a cool activity for teenagers or young people from the past until now. Hanging out is more enjoyable if there are facilities, whether such as Internet connection and food that can be used as a snack. Jogja is a pioneer of Angkringan which is suitable for hangout place. There are many cities that have Angkringan Jogja as hangout place. But, now Solo as a city that has almost the same customs as Jogja, certainly has many places to hang out.

A place to hangout in Solo that you should definitely find while in the city with this very friendly locals. In search of a gathering place or "Jagongan" Here are some of the best hangout in the city admin version

Good place for hangout in Solo

Galabo, a night of Solo cuisine!
The place of hangout Galabo Solocitizen of Surakarta may already be familiar with the name of hangout Gladag Langan Bagon or which is often referred to as Galabo. Yaps, a culinary place that can be used as a hangout place has Suansana which is very enjoyable as a gathering place with friends or companions. A hangout that opens only at night is at the east of the Gladag roundabout on Major Sunaryo Road.

For the explorers, it is certainly incomplete to travelling to Solo if not visiting and experiencing the food in Galabo. A wide variety of cuisine and snacks are available in the city of Solo precisely at Gladag Langan Bagon. Many typical Solo foods also have their own flavors that make hanging out the explorers more and more.

Cafe Tiga Tjeret, Angkringan Khas Jogja but in Solo
The place to hangout Cafe Tiga Tjeret SoloNongkrong is cool at night, therefore, the café that is open Smapai at 1 early morning is very enjoyable to hangout. Cafe Tiga Tjeret is one of the exciting stalls or cafes as a place to hangout with the sabahat or relatives. Having a design as Angkringan, certainly make the solo citizen is familiar with the cool and pleasant atmosphere. Angkringan is very famous with its characteristic seasoning and also very cheap price.

Cafe Tiga Tjeret is open from 10.00 to 01.00 early morning. The place to hangout located on Jl. Ronggowarsito No. 97 is a lot of food, snacks, and drinks with a characteristic child hangout. This café is one of the best night hangout place at a cheap price that must be explorers visit.

The legendary place to hangout
Ice cream Hangout Tentrem Surakartif The explorers are looking for a pleasant daytime hangout in Solo, ice cream Tentrem is one of the best places that are mandatory for explorers to visit. The daytime dining ice cream is certainly very enjoyable and refreshing. Ice Cream Shop is very legendary because it does not stand since 1952, the shop located in Urip Sumaharjo Street offers a lot of ice cream with a distinctive flavor.

The Menu that serves as the most delicious ice in this Tentrem ice cream shop is tutti fruity, rum ' n Coffee, Robin Rose and Rainbow. The Ice Shop is open from 10.00 to 21.00. The price offered by this hangout is varied.

The unique decorations of Solo
This one is more unique than the others...... Having an ancient concept of the design of the room makes Wedangan Pendopo very suitable as a place to hang out and have a... Being decorated with objects from the past is the main concept of this stall. Many also puppet and photographs featuring a variety of products from the past or around the 1900s. The walls are full of photographs and quaint designs that make this warung mandatory for explorers to visit. The typical hangout place in Surakarta is near the Mall of Solo Paragon, precisely at Jl. Sriganding 1 No. 7, Turisari, Mangkubumen.

According to the design, of course Wedangan Pendopo also provides cuisine and also food with the characteristic of Solo. This place also provides drinks that are typical of solo, and the most delicious of hangout in Solo is a cup of ginger that can adjust the atmosphere with this vintage or ancient decorated stall.

It was a collection of good hangout places in Surakarta which is cheap. Hanging out with friends, companions, relatives or girlfriends is certainly still fun though done during the day or night. Hopefully good culinary information in the solo can help the explorers to find the right place to hangout and fit the warm solo atmosphere. Happy Cruising Traveller!

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