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Change the stereotype of Autism

As a person with a physical or mental disorder, people with autism face different reactions from those around them from those who support to those who don't care at all. Unfortunately, those who support, families with autism, coworkers and other friends may not really understand about autism. Giving rise to stereotypes that can cause hatred, shame and other unpleasant situations. By understanding about autism you can help people around you to deal with this disorder.

It should be noted that not all autistic sufferers are the same. Each disease or disorder has its own prevention method, but autism is a complex health condition, where everyone has different reactions. Autism sufferers are usually assessed on a functional scale, patients with high-functional ability to accept work and patients with low-functional needs attention 24 hours a day. Symptoms such as dangerous behavior, uncontrolled movements, difficulty communicating and emotional inability, all of which are symptoms, some that show some symptoms and some are not obvious so you can not know whether they are autistic or not.
Because each individual is different, not necessarily one fact that is said about autism is true for every autism sufferer.
But however, most people with autism have difficulty with emotions in communicating. But that does not mean that people with autism do not have feelings, they just can not convey their feelings. It also does not mean we cannot have an intimate relationship with an autistic person. Conversely, many autism sufferers fall in love and get happily married. Most people with autism are difficult to form relationships, but all can be done slowly.
Many people think that an autistic person is a genius in several ways. Indeed, the reality is that some people with autism have more ability in mathematics, music and artistic skills, but the number is very small, only a small proportion of people with autism have the above skills. This stereotype is influenced by film and television, because the story of someone who is talented against his weaknesses (like autism) is an interesting story. The reality isn't always like that, so there's no need to expect anything more from an autism sufferer. It is also important to note that autism is not a form of mental retardation. Some autism sufferers do have mental retardation, but most don't, so don't treat them like treating people who have mental retardation.
Finally, the most important lesson you can learn from autism is tolerance. You may need to be patient with an autistic person and understanding a little about this disorder may be easier. Learn what you can and share this knowledge with those you know to help create tolerance for people with autism in your environment

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