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The Easiest Way to Perform Meditation Relaxation Techniques

If you want to reduce your pressure, then relaxation meditation techniques are one of the answers to your problems. Meditation relaxation techniques are not as traditional as you might think. In fact, there are many ways to reduce your body's muscles from tension after strenuous work every day.
Stretching is the first step you should take in meditation relaxation techniques.

The first thing to do is stand up, and then leave some time to clear and relax your mind. Rest your muscles with a little massage on the face related to your cheek area.
With your two index fingers, gently press your eyebrows up and with your two thumbs, gently press your cheek down. Try holding it for 10 seconds. Release your fingers then let your eye muscles relax.
After clearing your mind and calming yourself from the pressure you feel, for 10 seconds move your head forward in the direction of your chest. This is done to stretch your neck. Lower your head slowly on your left shoulder, again for 10 seconds. Lower it down and then lower it again towards your right shoulder for 10 seconds. For another 10 seconds, repeat the process several times until you feel that your neck muscles are truly at rest.

After that, lock your finger and lift it above your head. Make sure your elbows are straight and your palms are up. Drop your arms back until you notice a few obstacles on your shoulders. Pull your arms back for 10 seconds and open your fingers then let them dangle on your side.
For you to complete the whole step, bend your head in the direction of your chest and gently bend your spine at a time, until your fingers are on your toes. Let your arms hang loose when you breathe. Also, try to breathe when you rest the upper trunk, and try to return to a standing position slowly. Once again, breathe and let it all out. After that you will feel energized and relaxed.
In fact, there are several meditation relaxation techniques, including those who practice such as yoga. This easy meditation relaxation technique is very useful because it can be done in a few minutes, so all will be well if you don't know the relaxation technique beforehand.

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