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Risk of Disease Based on Profession and Occupation

The profession or work carried out by each of us certainly gives an income that is thankful for. However, besides that, it turns out that each job has its own risks! Based on the profession and occupation, the risk of disease that is presented also varies.
For example, those who work as hairdressers are more likely to develop varicose veins because they often stand up. Or, those whose jobs require a lot of sitting have a high risk of heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, in fact, whatever our profession, having health insurance is absolutely necessary. If you want affordable premiums with comprehensive protection, BPJS Health can be your first option.
risk of disease
Well, want to know what are the list of professions along with the risk of diseases that 'shadow' it? Here we give the list.

List of Disease Risk Based on Profession
Those who work as teachers are susceptible to sound disturbances. This is because the teachers must make a high enough vote in the class. Some disorders that can be experienced include throat pain, hoarseness and even a burning sensation in the throat. Not only teachers, this condition is also often experienced by singers. If these symptoms do not disappear within a few months then immediately consult a doctor, surgery may be needed.
The nurse profession known to be close to the medical world does not 'guarantee' any risk. Dermatitis is a scourge that must be faced. The reason is that nurses often use latex gloves and must wash their hands frequently with cleaning fluid. Skin becomes easily allergic like red rashes or itching.
As is the case with the nursing profession, dentists are not immune from disease risks. Back pain will probably be one of the most frequent complaints. This is because posture is required to bend when handling patients.

Bread maker
Bread makers are often exposed to protein from flour which is finally inhaled. This is detected as a foreign substance by the body and results in an allergic response. As a result? Asthma is the biggest risk experienced by bread makers. In addition, those whose work demands contact with hewat can also experience asthma. Not only that, hair stylists can also because they are often exposed to medicinal ingredients for hair or hair-spray.
Pilots can be a challenging profession, have a big income, but also have big risks. Pilots and cabin crews are vulnerable to skin cancer. This is due to exposure to cosmic radiation from outside the solar system, as well as the risk of being exposed to ultraviolet radiation often because it is often at an altitude. Of course, besides illness, the risk of accidents is often one of the most frightening specters. If there are problems with the aircraft, the risk of death is difficult to avoid. Therefore, it can be said, this profession most needs not only health insurance but also life insurance for you. Indeed, the company itself usually also has guaranteed family benefits.
Well, what is your current profession? Is it one of the ones we mentioned? If not, maybe you yourself can feel the complaints that are most often felt, the effects of the work that you have to do every day. Yes, take care of your health with a healthy diet, adequate activities and rest. In addition, also prepare protection against possible risks of disease.

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