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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty tips on the style of Tiffany SNSD, Do you know who Tiffany is? That's right, this beautiful woman is a member of SNSD who is very charming with her elegant makeup. She always dresses up in an extraordinary way so that it looks natural and natural for an Asian woman. Korean women's beauty is no doubt, Asian women in particular Indonesia like Korean-style beauty. In fact, Tiffany was bored to linger in the salon. Then what kind of Tiffany takes care of her beauty so it looks so natural and natural, let's look at these beautiful tips naturally:
1. Strawberry
Natural Beauty tips: SNSD's first Tiffany style is strawberries. As we know strawberries contain many substances that are beneficial to our beauty such as antioxidants, exfoliants, and of course contain lots of vitamin C. Tiffany is apparently like eating strawberries, the benefits of strawberries are actually. One of them is to remove dead skin cells. No wonder if Tiffany skin remains smooth and youthful even though its activities are solid.
2. Honey
Women need to know, that honey is very useful to make the face become more moist. In addition, honey is also useful for removing acne naturally and is very effective to make a woman's skin always remain soft and supple. The trick, just apply to your facial skin for several minutes every day. If you want to have facial skin like Tiffany, you have to routinely apply it every day.
3. Bananas
Like strawberries, bananas also function as natural fresheners for women's skin. Besides that, bananas are able to moisturize and maintain the softness of a woman's skin. Steffany and most other Korean women love banana masks. So, you as an Indonesian woman who wants to be beautiful like them doesn't hurt to try it. After trying this for a few days on a regular basis, look at the difference.
4. lemons
Why does Steven Smith and other Korean women like lemons? You need to know, lemon is one of the ingredients to be beautiful naturally. The method is to use lemon juice as a natural face mask. After 3 days, you will definitely feel the difference after practicing these four naturally beautiful tips.
Now those are some natural ingredients that you can use to increase your natural beauty as done by Tiffany SNSD. Do not always want to look beautiful in an instant way, use natural ingredients that I have given before so that you look naturally beautiful without the slightest chemical. A few tips to look beautiful in style SNSD Tiffany, hopefully useful ..

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