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4 hangout and dating in Tangerang.

Tangerang City is a big city located in the west of the capital city of Jakarta in Banten province. This city of Tangerang became the largest in Banten and became the largest number three in Jabodetabek after Jakarta and Bekasi. It has a lot of culinary tourism as well as tourist attractions and certainly not to be missed by young people is a place hang out in the embankment.

Hangout Place in Tangerang is mandatory to know the explorers. This hangout place in Tangerang City has a lot of cool or unique concept to attract customers. Even the night hangout in Tangerang also becomes a compulsory destination for teenagers who want to gather with friends and relatives. Here are some places to hangout in Tangerang for travelers who have been summarized by admin

4 hangout and dating in Tangerang

Mom milk, delicious taste

My place to hang out mom milk is a place to hang out or place a cool courtship in Tangerang with the characteristic of milk. It has the name of Mom Milk Place, so it is interpreted as mama milk. This Mom Milk only provides around 6 tables, so it's quite a bit for a café or a fairly cool hangout. The taste of milk and food provided in this place is very delicious. For the place, the atmosphere is very comfortable and pleasant to hang out or linger.

For a cold drink, provide a taste that must be equally delicious. Some cool menus provided by Mom Milk are as follows.

Blueberry, Strawberry, marquise, cookies, green tea, caramel, caramel latte, banana, vanilla, Mocca, pure, coffee, chocolate. (Regular size Rp 16,000, king-size Rp 21,000)
Oat, hazelnut, Horlicks, Durian. (Regular size Rp 18,000, king-size Rp 23,000)
For the hot menu, The price is slightly different and not as complete as the cold.

Blueberry, Strawberry, Marquise, green tea, caramel, caramel latte, vanilla, Mocca, pure, coffee. (Price Rp 16,000)
Oat, hazelnut, Horlicks. (Price Rp 18,000)
With the friendly price, of course, the explorers who want to hang out in Tangerang, Mom Milk, can be the best recommendation.

Summarecon Mall Serpong – Downtown Walk

Downtown Walk at Sumarecon Mall Serpong
Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) – Downtown Walk This first hangout place is very cool and pleasant, because in "The Downtown Walk" The explorers will feel the comfortable alfresco atmosphere with the concept of open space with vertical garden Sertja Also
There is a water feature that can make the atmosphere feel fresher. This place hangout in Tangerang has very complete facilities, so the explorers will not feel crisp if you visit this cool place.

The place to hangout in Tangerang also provides free Wi-fi, Live Music, and also large-size LED TV for NOBAR activities or watch party bole at Tangerang. Explorers can also buy food and drinks at Downtown Walk Sumarecon Mall Serpong outlets. Many pleasures that the explorers can feel at the night hangout in Tangerang.

Banks of Cisadane River, cheap hangout solutions!

Hang-in-gear-river-Cisadane-tangerangPinggirian, The Cisadane River, is very cool to hang out. Hangout facilities that have been provided certainly make the customers very enjoy the activities of gathering with friends or companions. This cheap hangout place in Tangerang can be the solution of the explorers who want to gather with the kids a lot. This inexpensive hangout place in Tangerang can be a separate reference for exploring the city of Tangerang

PatBingSoo: Korean Dessert House Tangerang!

A place to hangout this one is more Korean themed. The menu provided by this café is dominant as a dessert or dessert menu. The dessert menu is a lot on the menu where this hangout in Tangerang is ice cream. So hanging out while eating ice cream is certainly very enjoyable, especially chatting with friends or geing. Location in Tangerang is located at Flavor Bliss, Ext Kav. 3A, Alam Sutera, Tangerang.
That's her place of courtship and hangout in Tangerang, which is mandatory for the explorer's visit. Hopefully, this information can help the traveler to explore the hangout and culinary tourism in the city of Tangerang. Happy to explore!

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