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4 Cool hangout Places in Jogja

Hangout in Jogja-Jogja always keeps many stories, ranging from local cultural wisdom to the beauty of natural nuance. Not only that, the city that is in the region of Central Java, it also keeps many fun hangout places that are certainly suitable for just chatting while enjoying the delicious food.

Hmmm, where are the good and cheap places to eat in Jogja? Let's see a list of the most popular cafes in Jogja that have been prepared by the following admins:

4 Cool hangout Places in Jogja

Kali Milk
Do you want to be a dairy enthusiast? If so, then never miss a place to hangout in Jogja this one. Located on Jalan Perumnas north of Djoglo, Selaman, Yogyakarta, Kali Milk became the choice of many youth education City because it serves a delicious meal but still cheap and does not drain the pockets.

As the name suggests, Kali Milk provides a variety of processed milk that is formulated using certain ingredients to create a sense of ciamik. This place hangout in Jogja provides two sizes of drinks, namely medium and elephant, which can be chosen as desired. For the price range itself is quite cheap, which is around Rp9ribu to Rp15ribu only.

House of Raminten
If you are looking for a place to hang out in Jogja at night or hangout in Jogja during the day, then House of Raminten open 24 hours can be the best choice. The place to eat that is the prima of Jogja people has a concept quite quirky because it carries typical Javanese design. Plus, the waitress who wore batik Kemben also adds to the uniqueness of this place.

You can find a variety of culinary with the unique name here, ranging from the elephant Wedang Ndekem, ice melancholy, Ayam Koteka, and many more. EITs not think this place is expensive yes, because visitors can get a meal with a price range Rp1ribu to Rp25ribu only. If interested, go straight to the Noto road FM 7 Kotabaru, Yogyakarta.

Places to Hangout in Jogja Kamikoti cafeKhusus Jogja visitors who do not want to eat heavy food, then Kamikoti is a place of dating in Jogja which can be used as an alternative. Carrying the jargon "milk, coffee, tea", this place serves a variety of snacks that can be eaten while drinking milk, coffee, and tea.

Hangout Place located on Jalan Ngadisuryan 4 Yogyakarta has two choices of places for the customers, i.e. indoor or outdoor. You who come every Saturday will also be pampered with the strains of live acoustic music from the local band Berusara Merdu.

The Grand
Angkringan Tugu Hangout at JogjaAngkringan Tugu is a must-see hangout when you are in Jogja Lho. Located to the north of Tugu train station, you will get a small range of stalls selling a variety of special foods and drinks, ranging from the cat sego and so on.

One of the most famous drinks is Kopi Joss made from thick black coffee with a mixture of charcoal roasted into coffee. Hmmm, the sensation is really not to be found in any place.

The price of drinks and food along Angkringan Tugu is quite cheap when compared to other hangout places. You can get your favorite food or drink by just starting from Rp1ribu to Rp10ribu only.

This special area indeed has a lot of hangout options that can be used as an option. You can go to hangout in Jogja from roadside to fine dining restaurant with a variety of traditional and modern food. HMM, you don't have to hesitate anymore? Let's pack up and visit the city.

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