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The benefits of Chinese petai for body health

The benefits of Chinese petai for body health are undoubtedly the nutritional content that is rich in vegetable protein. Chinese Petai is also often used for vegetables that contain lots of nutrients. We present these helpful tips because there are still many people who do not understand and utilize Chinese petai for bodily health with authentic nutrients from nature. Moreover, in some countries, Chinese banana plants are used as medicinal plants that can cure several diseases.

Chinese Cider
Chinese petai by rural farmers is often planted as a hedge, green manure, and everything. Chinese Petai is suitable to live in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. Chinese Petai is quite unusual for us to know its health benefits. Usually, we know that bananas are significant, but for Chinese bananas tend to be smaller.
Also, Chinese petai plants or can be called lamtoro are plants originating from Mexico and Central America. This plant is straightforward to grow until now it has spread to various parts of the world. Lamtoro is also known as a shade coffee plant, producer of firewood, and even a source of animal feed. It is also often used as land greening or erosion prevention.
Chinese banana plants have hard tree trunks and are not large. Compound leaves are decomposed in double-bladed stems. The white-crested flowers are often called cengkaruk. The fruit is similar to the petai fruit (Parkia speciosa) but is much smaller in size and has a thinner appearance. Chinese bananas, including pods, contain quite some tiny seeds.

From this Chinese banana plant has neutral properties and tastes somewhat bitter, and slightly sweet. In a study mentioned that in China petai a lot of substances that are both neutral and calcium with high enough levels that are needed by the body. So that Chinese petai is widely used for traditional medicine for various diseases. In general, the parts that are used by the Chinese banana plant are the leaves and the fruit.
The content of substances in Chinese petai plants includes protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, iron, fat, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, energy. From the content contained in these Chinese petai plants, the Chinese petai has tremendous benefits for body health, including:

1. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Relieve psoriasis skin disease.
Chinese petai can help sufferers of psoriasis skin disease. This disease is not contagious, but if allowed to spread throughout the body very quickly. Psoriasis is quite torturous because it feels itchy, reddish, rough, and dry on the skin.
To alleviate this psoriasis, you can take Chinese banana seeds or lamtoro, then puree and apply to the area affected by psoriasis skin disease. I can also eat it directly.

2. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Eliminates pain
Not only the seeds, but the bark of the Chinese petai also helps relieve pain or analgesics. in many countries, many of these take the bark of China petai to be crushed and then drunk to ease muscle pain or cramps during menstruation. Unfortunately for Indonesia, this is not much known.

 3. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Kill Worms
Worms that occur in adults or children can be overusing Chinese petai. You only have to eat Chinese bananas, and you can kill demons. This is because Chinese petai contains compounds that can kill demons. Even Chinese medicine, which is already very well known all over the world, uses Chinese petai to remove roundworms and ringworms.

4. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Maintain healthy skin
Chinese banana leaves can also be used for skincare. For women, of course, this is very suitable, because to get Chinese banana leaves is quite easy. These Chinese petai leaves contain natural enzymes that can trigger the formation of collagen in skin cells so that you will avoid dull, dry, and wrinkled skin. Also, you can use Chinese petai leaf extract for skin toner whose function is to reduce oily skin and moisturize and nourish the skin.
Also, this Chinese banana plant was not only functioning to treat various diseases or to maintain a healthy body. In fact, lamtoro is also able to provide benefits as a natural skin smoothening. To get smooth surface by using this Chinese petai, take 5 or 6 Chinese petai leaves. Then knead until the water comes out. After that, rub it on the entire body when you shower. Let stand 1 minute and wash the body with water. Do it 2 to 3 times a week. If your body feels itchy, don't go on, because it might not be suitable for your skin type.

5. Benefits of Chinese Petai - an anti-cancer drug
Chinese petai seeds can be extracted to be used as an antidote to free radicals and reduce the risk of developing cancer. How to consume it, you can brew or eat directly. Chinese petai is good if it is cooked or cooked as a vegetable. So it is elementary if you want to take advantage of Chinese banana.

6. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Shed Menstruation
Boil a handful of lamtoro plant roots with 3 cups of water until the remaining one glass. Drink boiled water twice a day each 1 cup. Do it regularly, so that you can achieve changes and healing reactions.

7. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Increase Sexual Passion
Here it is unique from Chinese Petai or Lamtoro. Not only able to treat various kinds of minor ailments, but lamtoro can also be used to increase one's sexuality. To increase libido or sexual arousal by using the lamtoro plant, shake one tablespoon of the seeds of the lamtoro plant, one tablespoon of ground black pepper, two eggs of uncooked native chicken egg yolk and one tablespoon of honey until blended. Drink the mixture at once one day.

8. Benefits of Chinese Petai - Diabetes
Diabetes or diabetes is a type of disease that is classified as severe in the healing process. To reduce blood sugar levels naturally, we can use lamtoro seeds to restore the performance of the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin, which plays a role in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Use 5 grams of lamtoro plant seed powder brewed with 100 ccs of hot water, then drink warmly 1/2 hour before meals. Do two times a day.
From some of the above, we can conclude the benefits of Chinese petai for bodily health. Besides containing a lot of complete nutrition, helpful tips about Chinese bananas are worth trying yourself at home.

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