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Some Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Health

Beauty tips - Soursop plants are not only the fruit that is beneficial for health, but also the soursop leaves for beauty treatment. The benefits of soursop leaves for beauty will make facial skin fresher and avoid excessive skin irritation because it is free from harmful chemicals. Many masks that we easily get in beauty salons, but with soursop leaf masks you can make your own easily and get benefits for the beauty and health of your skin.
soursop leaves Various studies of scientists prove that the content of soursop leaves has better properties than chemotherapy, even the extract can slow the growth of cancer. National Cancer Institute has conducted a scientific study which results stated that the soursop stem and leaves are effective for attacking and destroying cancer cells in the body. This happens because of the very high proactive compounds in soursop leaves for our bodies. These compounds are compounds that are rare / hard to find in other plants.
Soursop leaves that are good and have a lot of acetogenin content are located in the first 5 leaves counted from the buds. Soursop leaves can be used in two, namely the leaves to be directly boiled and drunk and dried or often called simplicia, which can be brewed with hot water or extracted to be made into capsules. From the treatment of the soursop leaves, dried leaves do not contain essential oils because they evaporate when dried.
Benefits of soursop leaves for beauty
For women, there's nothing wrong if you use herbal treatments using soursop leaves to get its beauty because soursop leaves will not cause side effects like beauty products that are now widely sold in the market.
The benefits of soursop leaves for beauty have been tested since the times of the Company, so you should now try to consume them so that you are more pleasant to look at. Moreover, for the fair sex is their main asset to attract the Adam so you need to know the efficacy of soursop leaves for your beauty.
The first property, soursop leaves can make digestion smoothly so that the body can get rid of substances that are not needed by the body on a regular basis. Automatically, if you have regular bowel movements, your body will not accumulate much fat and your body will look slimmer.
The trick, you can choose the soursop leaves are green and take 10 sheets. After that, boil the soursop leaves by adding 3 cups of water until only one glass is left. Then, consume regularly 2 times a day regularly, then your body is guaranteed to look slimmer.
The next property, soursop leaves can also crush acne, black spots, and blackheads on the face so that your face will be cleaner and brighter. Here's how to do facial treatments using soursop leaves, you pick 6 pieces of soursop leaves and then grow until smooth.
After that, mix rose water on the crushed soursop leaves and use it as a mask on your face. You can also use soursop leaves to tighten the skin and look more youthful by boiling the leaves and drink the soursop leaf boiled water regularly. After knowing information about the benefits of soursop leaves for beauty, the women can immediately practice it at home so that her beauty is more perfect.

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