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Healthy eating tips at work

Tips for Healthy Eating at Work, Busyness in the office makes it difficult for us to consume healthy foods, Foods that are generally sold in the office are only practical foods and do not have good nutritional content. What if you are faced with a choice of fast food? Most people who do not understand very well the dangers of fast food would assume it normal and not dangerous. It's best to avoid consuming fast food and switch to healthy eating at work:

Breakfast before leaving
Breakfast will be before leaving for work can reduce fatigue, drowsiness and help you to concentrate properly. When you wake up, your brain metabolism increases but your glucose decreases so glucose is needed as energy to start activity.

Don't miss lunch
In addition to filling an empty stomach, lunch is a time for your body to rest for a while. Instead, lunch with a menu that meets the body's needs for fiber, protein and carbohydrates according to portions

The temptation to enjoy snacks arises because there are coworkers who bring snacks or cakes. Keep in mind, a healthy diet does not mean abstinence from enjoying snacks, so it's fine to snack as long as you know the rules. Eating too much snacks will cause you to gain weight, so pay attention to the portion you consume. In addition, avoid consuming fried foods because they contain a lot of excess fat.
Drink tea or coffee
Regular tea and coffee accompany everyday in your office. For some people drinking tea and coffee has become a habit that is difficult to break. Consuming tea or coffee is fine as long as it's not excessive. Excessive sugar and creamer will increase calories in your body. Suffice once a day to drink tea or coffee ..
Generally, there are no activities that require a lot of energy at night. So, reduce foods that contain lots of carbohydrates. If you have to work overtime and choose to eat at home, to stop hunger, you can eat snacks or healthy snacks such as fruit.

By taking time to eat with the right portions and composition, will help you have enough energy to do busy days and still maintain your appearance. Thus tips on eating healthy at work, hopefully useful ...

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