Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Some Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Health

Beauty tips - Soursop plants are not only the fruit that is beneficial for health, but also the soursop leaves for beauty treatment. The benefits of soursop leaves for beauty will make facial skin fresher and avoid excessive skin irritation because it is free from harmful chemicals. Many masks that we easily get in beauty salons, but with soursop leaf masks you can make your own easily and get benefits for the beauty and health of your skin.
soursop leaves Various studies of scientists prove that the content of soursop leaves has better properties than chemotherapy, even the extract can slow the growth of cancer. National Cancer Institute has conducted a scientific study which results stated that the soursop stem and leaves are effective for attacking and destroying cancer cells in the body. This happens because of the very high proactive compounds in soursop leaves for our bodies. These compounds are compounds that are rare / hard to find in other plants.
Soursop leaves that are good and have a lot of acetogenin content are located in the first 5 leaves counted from the buds. Soursop leaves can be used in two, namely the leaves to be directly boiled and drunk and dried or often called simplicia, which can be brewed with hot water or extracted to be made into capsules. From the treatment of the soursop leaves, dried leaves do not contain essential oils because they evaporate when dried.
Benefits of soursop leaves for beauty
For women, there's nothing wrong if you use herbal treatments using soursop leaves to get its beauty because soursop leaves will not cause side effects like beauty products that are now widely sold in the market.
The benefits of soursop leaves for beauty have been tested since the times of the Company, so you should now try to consume them so that you are more pleasant to look at. Moreover, for the fair sex is their main asset to attract the Adam so you need to know the efficacy of soursop leaves for your beauty.
The first property, soursop leaves can make digestion smoothly so that the body can get rid of substances that are not needed by the body on a regular basis. Automatically, if you have regular bowel movements, your body will not accumulate much fat and your body will look slimmer.
The trick, you can choose the soursop leaves are green and take 10 sheets. After that, boil the soursop leaves by adding 3 cups of water until only one glass is left. Then, consume regularly 2 times a day regularly, then your body is guaranteed to look slimmer.
The next property, soursop leaves can also crush acne, black spots, and blackheads on the face so that your face will be cleaner and brighter. Here's how to do facial treatments using soursop leaves, you pick 6 pieces of soursop leaves and then grow until smooth.
After that, mix rose water on the crushed soursop leaves and use it as a mask on your face. You can also use soursop leaves to tighten the skin and look more youthful by boiling the leaves and drink the soursop leaf boiled water regularly. After knowing information about the benefits of soursop leaves for beauty, the women can immediately practice it at home so that her beauty is more perfect.

Healthy eating tips at work

Tips for Healthy Eating at Work, Busyness in the office makes it difficult for us to consume healthy foods, Foods that are generally sold in the office are only practical foods and do not have good nutritional content. What if you are faced with a choice of fast food? Most people who do not understand very well the dangers of fast food would assume it normal and not dangerous. It's best to avoid consuming fast food and switch to healthy eating at work:

Breakfast before leaving
Breakfast will be before leaving for work can reduce fatigue, drowsiness and help you to concentrate properly. When you wake up, your brain metabolism increases but your glucose decreases so glucose is needed as energy to start activity.

Don't miss lunch
In addition to filling an empty stomach, lunch is a time for your body to rest for a while. Instead, lunch with a menu that meets the body's needs for fiber, protein and carbohydrates according to portions

The temptation to enjoy snacks arises because there are coworkers who bring snacks or cakes. Keep in mind, a healthy diet does not mean abstinence from enjoying snacks, so it's fine to snack as long as you know the rules. Eating too much snacks will cause you to gain weight, so pay attention to the portion you consume. In addition, avoid consuming fried foods because they contain a lot of excess fat.
Drink tea or coffee
Regular tea and coffee accompany everyday in your office. For some people drinking tea and coffee has become a habit that is difficult to break. Consuming tea or coffee is fine as long as it's not excessive. Excessive sugar and creamer will increase calories in your body. Suffice once a day to drink tea or coffee ..
Generally, there are no activities that require a lot of energy at night. So, reduce foods that contain lots of carbohydrates. If you have to work overtime and choose to eat at home, to stop hunger, you can eat snacks or healthy snacks such as fruit.

By taking time to eat with the right portions and composition, will help you have enough energy to do busy days and still maintain your appearance. Thus tips on eating healthy at work, hopefully useful ...

Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty tips on the style of Tiffany SNSD, Do you know who Tiffany is? That's right, this beautiful woman is a member of SNSD who is very charming with her elegant makeup. She always dresses up in an extraordinary way so that it looks natural and natural for an Asian woman. Korean women's beauty is no doubt, Asian women in particular Indonesia like Korean-style beauty. In fact, Tiffany was bored to linger in the salon. Then what kind of Tiffany takes care of her beauty so it looks so natural and natural, let's look at these beautiful tips naturally:
1. Strawberry
Natural Beauty tips: SNSD's first Tiffany style is strawberries. As we know strawberries contain many substances that are beneficial to our beauty such as antioxidants, exfoliants, and of course contain lots of vitamin C. Tiffany is apparently like eating strawberries, the benefits of strawberries are actually. One of them is to remove dead skin cells. No wonder if Tiffany skin remains smooth and youthful even though its activities are solid.
2. Honey
Women need to know, that honey is very useful to make the face become more moist. In addition, honey is also useful for removing acne naturally and is very effective to make a woman's skin always remain soft and supple. The trick, just apply to your facial skin for several minutes every day. If you want to have facial skin like Tiffany, you have to routinely apply it every day.
3. Bananas
Like strawberries, bananas also function as natural fresheners for women's skin. Besides that, bananas are able to moisturize and maintain the softness of a woman's skin. Steffany and most other Korean women love banana masks. So, you as an Indonesian woman who wants to be beautiful like them doesn't hurt to try it. After trying this for a few days on a regular basis, look at the difference.
4. lemons
Why does Steven Smith and other Korean women like lemons? You need to know, lemon is one of the ingredients to be beautiful naturally. The method is to use lemon juice as a natural face mask. After 3 days, you will definitely feel the difference after practicing these four naturally beautiful tips.
Now those are some natural ingredients that you can use to increase your natural beauty as done by Tiffany SNSD. Do not always want to look beautiful in an instant way, use natural ingredients that I have given before so that you look naturally beautiful without the slightest chemical. A few tips to look beautiful in style SNSD Tiffany, hopefully useful ..

Monday, January 27, 2020

8 How to Lighten Lips

 To get flushed red lips without lipstick you can try the natural method that I will give this time. This method uses a variety of natural ingredients such as honey, turmeric, rose water, and many more. This way you don't have to use lipstick all the time, so it will be healthier for the lip lining.
You need to know that the color of the lips to black can be caused by various factors. Exposure to sunlight, coffee consumption, smoking, and the use of lipstick that is not cleaned optimally are the most dominant factors.
Before trying to apply how to naturally redden your lips, you should be aware that reddening your lips is not an instant thing, let alone using natural ingredients. However, this method has been proven by many women, so make sure you never give up to do it. Well, just refer to the following a few tips redden black lips.
How to Lighten Lips
1. Use rose water
The first way that is worth a try is to use rose water. The trick is to use cotton to apply rose water to the lips. Apply this method at night and leave it until the morning.
2. Honey
The method is the same as using rose water. You simply apply enough honey to your lips at night and leave until morning. But make sure that your bed is free of ants.
3. Olive oil
The method is also the same as above. Massage your lips with olive oil at night when going to sleep then leave until the morning. This method can also moisturize your lips.
4. Lime and honey
Mix the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons of lime juice, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of hot water. After that stir until evenly mixed then apply on your lips. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.
5. Coriander leaves
Blend 2 cilantro leaves with enough water then apply on your lips. Let stand for 20 minutes and rinse using warm water.
6. Turmeric and milk
Apply a dash of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of cold milk to your lips. Let stand for 5 minutes and the last step rinse with water.
7. Almond oil
You just do this by applying enough almond oil on your lips. If you don't have this natural ingredient, you can use a lipbalm that contains almond oil.
8. Avocados and olive oil
Blend the avocado 50gram and mix with 2-3 drops of olive oil. After mixing evenly then apply on your lips and let stand for about 5 minutes, after that rinse with clean water.
I think the natural way to redden the lips above is enough. Now it's time to prove one of the ways above. But before applying this method make sure you are sure you can apply it regularly, because black lips cannot be red just with one or two treatments. So many beauty tips this time, look forward to tips from me next.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Teknologi Kemana RUmah yg bisa anda Manfaatkan.

Sistem Peralatan Keamanan Rumah
Teknologi telah memungkinkan bagi pemilik rumah untuk menerapkan sistem kontrol alat keamanan rumah yang memantau peralatan dan sistem keamanan.

Otomatisasi satu sentuhan memungkinkan pemilik rumah untuk mengatur setiap ruangan di dalam rumah. Teko kopi menyala secara otomatis di pagi hari. Lampu menyala secara otomatis. Ketika tiba saatnya untuk mendesak masuk ke dalam mobil dan menghadiri pekerjaan atau sekolah, lampu garasi menyala, menyalakan terima kasih pada mobil.

Tiba di rumah dalam gelap demi gelap untuk mencari cahaya teras. mengangguk memperhatikan musik favorit. Rutin otomatisasi rumah yang disesuaikan dapat dengan mudah dibuat konsisten dengan jadwal dan rutinitas keluarga.

Remote khusus mengoperasikan pusat sistem alat keamanan rumah sebagai tambahan ke tv, unit dinding, pemutar DVD, stereo dan banyak lagi. Beberapa sistem menyertai remote keychain memungkinkan aktivasi dari mobil.

Beberapa item sistem alat keamanan rumah berkualitas tinggi akan memungkinkan pemilik rumah untuk mencoba memasukkan:

- mengendalikan peralatan, penerangan dan sakelar dinding

- Menemukan acara berjangka waktu

- Tetapkan rutinitas siang dan malam untuk secara otomatis menyesuaikan perubahan di matahari terbit dan terbenam

- Kontrol pencahayaan liburan

Sistem yang baik ramah pengguna dan mudah untuk mengetahuinya. Sistem nirkabel tidak memerlukan rewiring rumah. Rutinitas khusus sering ditetapkan untuk ketika pemilik rumah pergi atau rutin biasa dapat berlanjut. Pilihan mana pun memberi kesan bahwa seseorang tetap tinggal.

Rumah pintar, seperti yang sering disebut rumah otomatis, semakin murah dan mudah untuk bekerja. Pemilik rumah tidak perlu takut harga atau kurva belajar dalam menambahkan sistem alat keamanan rumah.
Mengintegrasikan alarm keamanan rumah dengan kontrol alat tidak perlu mahal atau sulit.
Mengapa pemilik rumah beralih ke sistem kontrol alat keamanan rumah? Untuk beberapa alasan, termasuk kenyamanan, kontrol, dan keamanan.

Menggunakan sistem alat keamanan rumah menghemat waktu pemilik rumah dengan mengotomatiskan tugas-tugas rutin dengan nyaman. Menyirami halaman, menyalakan teko kopi, mematikan teko kopi, mematikan dan menyalakan lampu interior dan eksterior, mengatur termostat untuk pengaturan malam atau siang hari, mengkhawatirkan sistem keselamatan sebelum tidur. Semua tugas itu, dan banyak lagi, sering dilakukan secara otomatis.

Pemilik rumah dengan sistem home theater dapat secara otomatis mematikan lampu, menggambar tirai, menyalakan sistem dan memulai film.

Keamanan dan ketenangan pikiran adalah alasan penting pemilik rumah menerapkan sistem kontrol peralatan keamanan rumah. Mengotomatiskan rumah memberi keamanan pemilik rumah dalam mengetahui kondisi rumah yang sering dipantau dan dilihat dari mana saja kapan saja. Jika terjadi kesalahan, alarm akan berbunyi, pemilik rumah akan menerima pemberitahuan, dan pihak berwenang yang tepat akan diberitahu.
Otomatisasi rutin darurat memungkinkan pemilik rumah beristirahat mengetahui bahwa jika perapian terdeteksi, sistem akan memperingatkan pemilik rumah, mengemas ventilasi dan gas, menyalakan rute keluar untuk setiap hubungan di tempat tinggal dan menelepon departemen perapian.
Otomasi melalui sistem peralatan keamanan rumah menghemat uang dan energi saat peralatan disetel untuk waktu yang diperlukan saja. Penerangan, pemanas, pendingin ruangan, pemanas air, dan komponen rumah lainnya menggunakan lebih sedikit energi saat diaktifkan sesuai kebutuhan.

Sistem Kontrol Alat Keamanan Rumah memberikan beberapa manfaat bagi pemilik rumah. mereka mengizinkan kontrol total sistem keamanan di samping kontrol alat. Waktu dan uang dihemat ketika peralatan berjalan sesuai jadwal dan bukan sepanjang waktu. Ada ketenangan pikiran dalam mengetahui kondisi rumah sedang dipantau dalam waktu yang paling sedikit.